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Stock Redistribution

When does Stock Redistribution Occur?

Many people have questions about stock redistribution—namely what it is, how does it work and when does it tend to occur. This is not a term that refers to the stock market but rather literal stock redistribution in warehouses for companies who have multiple places where their products originate from, yet different supplies of each product left over. Making sure all the products are available in each warehouse for customers is an important step in the logistical process to customer fulfillment, meaning correct and timely stock redistribution is a critical part of the whole process.

Stock redistribution should occur on a regular basis each week, especially when the inventory of certain products falls to a specific level. This way you can ensure that it becomes almost impossible for the warehouse to run out of a certain product, which could cost you money and return customers. The better your stock redistribution, the more smoothly the whole forward logistics process will run.

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