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Product Repacking

How to Save Money on Product Repacking in Industria, South Africa

Product repacking is a costly but necessary part of the logistics business for major companies send their products out to market. This occurs for a number of different reasons, from demos being sent back to be shipped out to be sold to people returning items they have bought and opened. The process of doing this is slightly different from repacking a new product that’s right off the factory line, so it’s important to take into account the process and cost of doing something like this at scale, especially in a place like Industria, South Africa.

First, make sure the company you hire to do this is using the right packing materials to match the other products that are being sent out to market. Next, make sure this company can be seamlessly integrated into the other parts of your logistical process. That way, the process of product repacking will affect the bottom line as little as possible.

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