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The expensive returns process is being redefined by the e-com giant: Amazon

Amazon is the true industry leader in e-commerce with sales in the billions of dollars each year. And with this comes huge amounts of returns reaching the billions in pounds of waste each year. This costs companies millions and now Amazon is in the process of making the whole process of returns more efficient with reverse logistics and other product returns systems.

Forrester Research estimates 25% of items bought online are returned, with $207 billion in returned commerce goods expected this year.

With this huge amount of returns Amazon was dumping the millions of pounds of waste and unused inventory. Recently the company decided to start being more pro-active with their product returns and have since started donating their unused products to charities in the U.S and the U.K.

Amazon has also started offering a free returns to it's customers on almost all of their product orders. Thease products may be returned with the packaging still sealed and the products will then be resold through their reverse logistics chain to other companies. Thease products are then reworked, repurposed, resold or donated.

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