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Thank You To All Who Made Our Services Possible During COVID-19

Updated: Jan 24

We could not perform without our management staff and operators, who took the time to uphold our networks and strength, of our service offering. We acknowledge their monumental tasks and efforts during this challenging time in Antel's contribution to the provision of essential services.

We thank you.

To our principle and partners, thank you for the patience and effort to work with us to perform reverse logistics and network tasks. We aim to continue our level of service and assist you in whatever challenges come your way.

Measures we have implemented to combat COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is dominating the news cycle, and it must also be dominating

your personal and professional conversations. We are actively implementing a

response to this situation while operating in an environment of considerable


Our top priority is the health and safety of our employees and of the communities

we serve, including our customers, partners, prospects, and candidates.

We are taking additional steps in other all facilities, including the option to work from

home, social distancing, additional safety and increased cleaning and sanitizing to help protect and support our staff and customers. We have made soap, sanitizer, clean towels, masks and gloves readily available to all essential staff who will be working during this time.

We are taking guidance from the local health authorities on what our next steps will

be.For anyone planning to visit any of our facilities, or move forward with an in-person

meeting with a staff member, we encourage you to first connect with us to confirm

your visit or postpone it.

We have provided scenario-based procedural information to our staff members on

how to report and support anyone that may express they’ve been impacted by the

virus. In addition to taking the precautions above, we are keeping empathy top of mind. It

is a stressful time for our communities around the world, and so we want to do

everything we can to minimize panic and maximize safety.

We are all in this together.

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