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Debtor Query Resolution

Tips for maintaining Regular Debtor Query Resolution

Maintaining a regular debtor query resolution in a company in the Industria, South Africa area is an important part of the survival of all businesses, as it will ensure you are paid on time and keep debtors off your books, as well as save you money through the time and manpower it takes to make people pay their debts. A number of tips can help make this often exhausting process go as smoothly as possible, and they are listed below.

Make sure you have regular reminders to those who owe you money, with how many days it has been since they have paid you. Many debtors are just too busy and forget. Also, instituting a system that charges them interest beyond a certain amount of time will trigger people to pay much more quickly, as the longer they wait, the more they will have to pay in penalties. Also, trying to engage your debtors in more business is a good idea as well, forcing them to pay if they want you to provide a new service to them.

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