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We are leading specialists in end-life management. Let us show you how…

We are members of the Reverse Logistics Association

We believe in being conscious of our role in the supply chain and improve the system responsibly and sustainably.

89 Years 

Over 89 years combined logistics industry experience.

Great Rapport

We are specifically equipped to handle almost all Reverse Logistics needs regarding dry non-perishable goods in the FMCG & Retail environment.

Our Guarantee 

Let us guarantee you the partial recovery of the sunk costs that are synonymous and unavoidable.

Effective Simplicity

We were founded on the principle of effective simplicity for its customers. What this means is that we pride ourselves in effective and lean process-driven solutions.

We are proud to have been the logistical provider for Pick n Pay's Mandela Day food drive 

​Transparency and a constant work ethic is required to improve the supply chain, its systems and return value.

Investigate and Identify Patterns

We offer
business intelligence tools and value-added services to investigate and identify areas of need.

Returns Systems

Our returns systems capture information on the ground, allowing for data to flow back into design and decision-making processes.

Goal Alignment

When there is an alignment of goals, implementation
and action will become more streamlined and easier to execute.

​"Antel Solutions (PTY) LTD partnership with

Beiersdorf is an exemplary model to which we would like all our service providers to aspire."

- Waide Jacobs | Beiersdorf 

Could your product be causing your company brand degradation once it leaves the shelves?

Eliminate the unknowns of your products end-life management

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